Dental Implants – An Overview

Due to our bad eating habit and ignoring the proper care of the teeth, we start suffering from oral problems like bleeding, toothache, bad breath, etc. If you ignore the care of your oral health, you can lose your teeth and face problems in speaking. So, get in touch with a dentist soon as you face any oral problems.

 What is dental implant?

It is a type of dental surgery that is used for replacing a tooth. In this procedure, an artificial device looking like original tooth is placed in the lower or upper jaw where it functions as an anchor for the replaced tooth. The device is made of titanium and other materials that are compatible to human body.

 This device has several parts like the implant, the abutment and the restoration. The first one that is made of titanium is placed in the lower or upper jawbone. The second is made of gold, titanium or porcelain. It is attached to the first with a screw. And the last is a crown that is generally made of porcelain and is attached to the abutment or to the implant. It can be either cemented or screwed onto the abutment.

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For what

Normally, dental implants are used for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. They are also used to support dental bridges and secure dentures. Your dentist will decide the process and the use.

The benefits of dental implants

Going through a dental implant surgery offers you numerous benefits. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  • Dental implants restorations never decay.
  • It prevents the side effects of tooth loss like gum recession, speech difficulties and bone loss.
  • It restores the strength of your bite and proper chewing.
  • It is comfortable and convenient to go through.
  • It makes your dentures secured and reliable.
  • It removes the gap between teeth and leads you to have a good oral health.